Faramir of Gondor (faramirofgondor) wrote in shaggedbyeomer,
Faramir of Gondor

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*flashes 'honorary' membership card at guard, gains entrance to group.



*glares* Don't forget to add our wonderful, wise, resplendent king to this esteemed little group. I'm sure you all will have much to talk about.

*stomps out, seething*
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Ummmm...don't mind him. *chases after*
*stops to turn and look at Eomer*

Um, you shouldn't be out running around. You're sick. You should be back in my bed, where you seem to have had plenty of company getting better. That cold's been hitting everyone. Except me, it seems, guess it helps to keep a distance away sometimes.
*wraps comforter around self, snuffles, and glares* Um?! Like I'm to blame for people stopping by to see how I'm feeling.

I'm giving you two choices, Farry: you can sit down here and tell me what's wrong or you can send me back to my own quarters so you can be a drama queen in peace and quiet.

Don't make me break out the Audrey pictures.
*Stops, sighs, lowers voice* Of course you're not to blame for that. Or for anything. It's good you have friends who care and are taking care of you, concerned for your health and welfare.

Gently... Stay in my quarters, it's fine, really. I'm not using them now and if anyone should be there when Haldir and I are not, I would think it should be you.

Tell you what. I'll make you a deal. You get better, and I'll try to get my anger under control. We'll both be the better for it.... okay?

*is very fascinated by this*